The Learn Appeal Capsule is live in Kenya!

We are now live! The launch of the Learn Appeal Capsule in Nyamira, Kenya on May 18, 2018 underscores our mission of building skills and empowering local disconnected communities who either do not have access to the internet or lack the purchasing power.

Assistant County Commissioner for Esise in Nyamira County, Mr Masaine Leshaiyan, who officially presided over the launch, said the Kenyan government will provide security and other necessary support to ensure the e-Learning programme runs smoothly. “I want to assure Complitkenya and the development partners that government of Kenya welcomes this initiative which aims to empower the local community through skills development and we will jealously guard your efforts,” said Mr Leshaiyan.

The Learn Appeal Capsule launch in Kenya

Eric Kimori, the CEO of the local Kenyan charity Complitkenya, who is partnering with us at Learn Appeal, says the Capsule works like magic. “I thought I was online when I logged onto the Capsule’s e-Learning content because in my entire life I have never encountered such an interactive platform offline. While watching a First Aid course video, provided by Sikana, my conscience screamed at me, ‘Check your data balance!’ I checked again to ascertain if I was truly offline. It’s a magic box!” 

“There’s a very irritating text message internet providers in Kenya send to users whenever their subscription is running low. ‘Your data bundle balance is almost finished’. I’m so happy the Learn Appeal Capsule does not send us such a text message because all content is interactive, real-time, offline and free.”

And the learners loved it too – but they were a bit too engrossed to comment!

Learners in Kenya enjoying offline learning content on their phones after the Learn Appeal Capsule launched in Kenya

This is only the beginning of our journey, we still need your help and support in all kinds of areas from creation of content to technical expertise and awareness raising.  You can do this by either submitting a form via our website, or email

Together we can make a difference!