Make a Difference – Make a Module


Learn Appeal is ready to revolutionise communities through e-learning. Our Learning Capsules are opening up new information, communication and collaboration highways in marginalised communities. Not just in developing countries, but for UK-based organisations like Barnado’s.

To make each of our capsules into a micro-learning centre, we’ve joined forces with Practical Action, The Thare Machi Foundation and the Open University to assemble the content for more than 200 modules. Each one is designed to provide training on the skills that matter.

But we need this content base to be transformed into effective, interactive e-learning that is accessible on any WiFi enabled device.

That’s where you come in. Whether you are an e-learning developer, an instructional designer, a graphic designer, script-writer, video producer, or if you help to run a learning technologies business… you have a chance to give something back.

Not your money, but your time and your talent. We need an hour, a day, a week. Whatever you can spare.

We are asking you to make a difference by making a module. By transforming our static content into interactive e-learning, you will be transforming the lives of those who need access to this training.

Between June and October, Learn Appeal is running a  “make-a-thon”, so watch out for updates on the website and Twitter.

In return, not only will you be using your skills to support disconnected and disadvantaged communities, you will also receive a #madeamodule #madeadifference Mug, perfect for a ‘selfie’ that we can share in our ‘Rouges Gallery’!

Let us know if you would like to find out more about how you can get involved!

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