Learn Appeal is also helping build careers

Whilst our primary mission and vision at Learn Appeal is to provide eLearning to the disconnected and disadvantaged, we also want to build and nurture talent in our own community.  If asked, how many of us could say ‘it was a deliberate career choice’?  Truth be told, I think most of us who work in Learning Technologies, would say ‘yes we love it, but we got involved more by accident than design – it just kind of happened’.

Things are changing, there are now courses available, so it can be a career choice. However, when folks actually apply for a role, the question that always turns up either on the application form or during an interview is ‘can you demonstrate and give examples your experience’.

This is where Learn Appeal can also make a difference. We actively encourage and support those wanting to build a career in our community… find out more about how we do this and what those who have been involved have to say about there experiences on Build Your Career.