Learn Appeal at the E-Learning Awards – The Learn Appeal Capsule

Being part of the E-Learning Awards night is just so special.  Celebrating success is fantastic and through Learn Appeal we can share our achievements and expertise with those that need it most.  We hope you will take the time to watch our video.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was looking for her dream. She said ‘Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can’t I?’ So what is our dream? For those of us whose passion is learning, we have access to so much information that can enrich our lives. We can learn and share in the ‘cloud’ literally at the touch of a button or a screen where ever and when ever we need it. We accept this as a given and complain when we don’t have Wifi access, our mobile connection won’t work or we run out of battery …but there are so many who are not connected to the internet and WiFi is a distant dream (McKinsey 2014 – Barriers to Internet Adoption)

The Learn Appeal Capsule, powered by Appitierre, can take elearning to those that don’t have an internet connection or even mains electricity.  In the UK, we can enable charities to provide e-learning in a secure and safe environment without data charges.

Using technology to support learning is part of our lives.  By supporting Learn Appeal, together we can provide the Learn Appeal Capsule and offer life changing opportunities to those where technology supported learning is still just a distant dream and make that dream into a reality.

Help us make that difference!



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