Appeal to learning professionals to help avert African education digital divide

A new project called #makeamodule #makeadifference run by the Learn Appeal charity is asking e-learning developers, instructional designers and other creative professionals to donate their time and skills to convert static information into interactive e-learning to transform the lives of African children and young people.

One of the key projects Learn Appeal is contributing to is Complitkenya in Kenya. CEO Eric Kimori explains the need. “In today’s information and increasingly digital economy, places such as remote areas of Kenya are falling victims to the ‘digital divide’ which are widening income disparities between the unconnected rural and urban affluent areas who have a good access to digital resources. Without projects like this, communities in places like rural Kenya will be completely excluded from participating in the global economy. The effect will be a huge social divide between the information rich and the information poor in the society, whether locally or internationally. Longer term it will lead to seclusion from the global economy. Poor communities will be poorer in five years and even more marginalized than they are now.”

Whilst the Capsule does not provide direct access to the Internet, it will enable Complitkenya to establish e-community centres and give connected users within a range of 1km access to elearning and other relevant information stored on the Capsule via Wi-Fi.   Concludes Eric, “The Capsule is an ‘invaluable reservoir of learning’ which will make a huge difference to those who have no access to the internet. For the first time, many of them will be connected to the digital world.”

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